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      型號(PratNumber) G697L293T1U
      數量(QTY.) 45000
      廠家(Brand) GMT
      封裝(Package) SOT-23-5
      批號(DC.) 22+
      聯系人(contact) 顏先生/William
      電話(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680

      G697L293T1U   SOT-23-5

      Microprocessor Reset IC

      General Description

      The G696/G697 are microprocessor (μP) supervisory

      circuits used to monitor the power supplies in μP and

      digital systems. They provide excellent circuit reliability

      and low cost and adjustments when used with +5V,

      +3.3V, +3.0V- powered circuits.

      These circuits perform a single function: they assert a

      reset signal whenever the VCC supply voltage declines

      below a preset threshold, with hysteresis keeping it

      asserted for time delay determined by externally programmable

      time delay generator after VCC has risen

      above the reset threshold. Reset thresholds suitable

      for operation with a variety of supply voltages are


      The G697L has an open-drain output stage, while the

      G696 have push-pull outputs. The G697L’s open-drain

      RESET output requires a pull-up resistor that can be

      connected to a voltage higher than VCC. The G696L

      have an active-low RESET output, while the G696H

      has an active-high RESET output. The reset comparator

      is designed to ignore fast transients on VCC,

      and the outputs are guaranteed to be in the correct

      logic state for VCC down to 0.8V.

      Low supply current makes the G696/G697 ideal for

      use in portable equipment. The G696/G697 are available

      in 5-pin SOT23-5 or TSOT-23-5 packages.




       Intelligent Instruments

       Critical μP and μC Power Monitoring

       Portable / Battery-Powered Equipment


      型號(PartNumber) 數量(QTY.) 廠家(Brand) 封裝(Package) 批號(DC.) 描述(Description) PDF
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