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      型號(PratNumber) G9091-330TA1U
      數量(QTY.) 30000
      廠家(Brand) GMT
      封裝(Package) SC-70-5
      批號(DC.) 22+
      聯系人(contact) 顏先生/William
      電話(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680

      G9091   300mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulators

      G9091-330TA1U     SC-70-5  

      General Description

      The G9091 is a low supply current, low dropout linear

      regulator that comes in a space saving SOT-23-5,

      TSOT-23-5, SC-70-4 (SC-82 / SOT-343), SC-70-5

      (SOT-353), TDFN2X2-6 and TDFN2X2-8 package. The

      supply current at no-load is 100μA. In the shutdown

      mode, the maximum supply current is less than 1μA.

      The over-current protection limit is set at 430mA typical.

      An overtemperature protection circuit is built-in in

      the G9091 to prevent thermal overload. These power

      saving features make the G9091 ideal for use in the

      battery-powered applications such as notebook computers,

      cellular phones, and PDA’s.

      These devices feature a shutdown function and are

      offered in active low with auto discharge. The G9091

      is specifically designed to employ ceramic output capacitors.

      The G9091 comes in a space saving

      SOT-23-5, TSOT-23-5, SC-70-4(SC-82/SOT-343),

      SC-70-5 (SOT-353), TDFN2X2-6 and TDFN2X2-8



       Notebook Computers

       Cellular Phones


       Digital still Camera and Video Recorders

       Hand-Held Devices

       Bar Code Scanners

      型號(PartNumber) 數量(QTY.) 廠家(Brand) 封裝(Package) 批號(DC.) 描述(Description) PDF
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      BUGC30JH 60000 ZOWIE DO-214AA 22+ BUGC30JH DO-214AA FEATURES* General purpose
      ETA5060V0D2I 24000 ETA DFN2x2-8 22+ ETA5060V0D2I DFN2x2-8科瑞芯電子推出ETA5060可以直接替代NCP18
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